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Do you have the passion for writing on tech, business, SEO, digital marketing, AI, Android, iOS, or Windows-related subjects? Can you give a significant view or experience about a subject from your point of view for our audience? Do you have a unique expertise that can give them value? We hope that is the case, and warmly welcome you to join our platform!

Why Write for Us?

Mashup minds is a digital marketing agency where we believe that the seeds of innovation are sown in the soil of collaboration, and efforts to exchange ideas. Our platform will prioritize delivering actionable information, SEO write for us and we will constantly keep abreast with the rapid technological, write for us business, and digital innovation in the universe. By writing for us, you have the opportunity to: By writing for us, you have the opportunity to.

Share Your Expertise:

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a job or an industry expert trying to solve the problems of our generation, or just a passionate hobbyist whose life is dedicated to improving the community, your view and experience will give us the richness.

Expand Your Reach:

Provide more people with your tips and let these boost your authority as a specialist in your industry. Your endeavors will be broadcasted to the public that sits in the professional groups of entrepreneurs and tech lovers, among others.

Build Your Portfolio:

Unveil your outstanding writing skills and accumulate years of knowledge and put it to use through writing informative and useful content at the platform. Your bio will have a summary of your professional background and links to your website, social media and other related platforms to form authority and network in your field of experience.

Topics We Cover:

We open the door to a broad spectrum of themes around the area of technology, write for us business, and digital innovations, and you are welcome to write about any of them. Here are some areas of interest:

Software Development:

Dive into the emerging trends, technologies, and techniques in software engineering, programming languages, apps, and web development.

Tech News and Updates: Lead the way with entertaining, meaningful, and current commentary on cutting-edge discoveries, inventions, and technology advancement by doing write for us technology.  You can also unleash your creativity by doing tech write for us.

SEO Strategies:

List down the steps of search engine optimization, the value of case studies and providing some solutions for these, in order to have a better result and those that a business can copy. By writing about SEO strategies, you do SEO write for us.

Digital Marketing:

Discover the realm of digital marketing that comprises the principles of content marketing, social media promotions, email marketing, PPC and etc.

AI and Machine Learning:

Know everything about Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, and data science from applications, algorithms, to real world use cases.

Mobile Platforms:

Address these areas including Android, iOS, mobile application development, user interface design, and mobile technology perspectives.

Windows Tips and Tricks:

Years ago, we would suggest Windows users to read dry manuals. Luckily, digital world allows us to take a different approach. Apart from productivity hacks, you will learn to use the software efficiently and fix problems what appears while you are using computer.

Submit Guest post

We hope you will become a guest blogger and use your experience to audiences Regardless of your level of experience or whether you are an expert writer or just a beginner, you are highly welcome among our diverse team of thinkers and workers. By doing the guest post, you will have the chance to become yourself known and reach out to more people. You will also be connected to our active community. Come along with us to create valuable content that incites, excite and entertains.Ready to get started? Consult our submission guidelines and be the first to send us your pitch today! And be ready to submit guest post today.

Submission Guidelines:

➣ Easy to Read:
To make sure our content is simple to read and comprehend, we employ the Flesch Reading Ease test.

➣ Length of sentence: Try to keep most of your sentences to 20 words or fewer. Although a few overflows are OK, make sure they make up no more than 20% of your sentences overall.

➣ Write brief paragraphs: Write in brief paragraphs that are no more than 150 words or 2-4 sentences long.

➣ Brief segments: Break up your content using a header and a primary keyword. No component should have more than 250 words.

➣ Overall length: The blog article should have a minimum of 1500 words.

➣ Use passive voice:  In less than 10% of the text, passive voice should be used.


All writings must be an entirely original content for them to be published on our site or anywhere else as well. Copying someone's work or replicating similar content will also not be supported.


While this essay aims to discuss the role of communication among the youth, you can bring more emotion into it by linking the topic to language, communication, and interpersonal relationships. To make this subject a bit more exciting, you can add some specific examples and describe that communication can bring some good things and problems to it.


Choose the one of highest quality and do in-depth research and preparation so the readers may get the envisaged positive outcome. The article you write should be informative enough, but don't bore the reader. All visitors must be encircled.


The blog length should be at least 1500 words at a minimum. Depending on the strategy we employ while producing our material, there are several ways in which we might represent the subject. If it's a category post, we can publish lengthy articles that provide value, such as thorough analyses or detailed guides.


It would be highly appreciated if you arrange your piece in an organized manner with appropriate titles and numbering of subchapters as well as bullet points indent. Be mindful of your grammar, spelling, and punctuation while writing. It will help you build a solid reputation among customers and colleagues.


If you intend to use any images, charts, or diagrams, make proper citation of the sources used and, in the case, where necessary, attribute them accordingly.

How to Submit:

Ready to contribute? Your article as a Google Doc or Word can easily be sent to the email address indicated above, along with a brief writer bio of 50-100 words and a headshot or an avatar.

The editor will study your submission and come out with a verdict after 3 days.

Thank you so much for taking the time to partner with MashupMinds and eagerly anticipated to act as an outlet for your knowledge. We anticipate more productive talks with you and I’ll be glad to exhibit the work you’ll be contributing towards our lively group.

Get in Touch:

We have put our email contact in the conclusion in case you have any questions, requests, or need help completing the proposal. Whatever your problem is, we're here to assist! Kindly mail us your query at [email protected].

You will be pulled and unleash your creativity. Utilize the cutting-edge technology available to research and industry to share technical information.